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Kellyville Leaders in Professional Painting

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and to achieve this, painter Kellyville understand the factors involved, price, quality and a smooth and flexible experience. Regardless of the size of your Kellyville painting project, we have the knowledge, capability and professionalism to deliver complete satisfaction. Areas of concern to you may be peeling paint on Windows and Doors, weatherboards, Window putty that has cracked and become loose, paint runs, timber rot and timber weathering, exposed rusted nails, large cracks and gaps in render.

We want you to be a part of the painting process, we value open communication and listen to your concerns and needs. We walk you through the painting process from preparation to application of top coats. Have your property tested for Lead Paint. Learn of the hazards and implications associated with paint containing lead, and safe removal and treatment of this surface coating prior to painting.

When you choose a painter registered with Kellyville Painters the alluniquepainting you have the peace of mind that the contractor you select has public liability and follows Safe Work practices and also works to Industry Standards.

When organizing our team for your house painting quotes, we perform an extensive assessment of your interior and exterior to identify potential issues and areas of concern, this report allows us to quote all aspects of your house painting project and be completely transparent in what is required – no hidden additional costs.

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Kellyville Leaders in Professional Painting
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